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Internship Developer Ambassador Position:

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We are seeking students from American and Canadian Universities or Colleagues who are familiar with TypeScript and Python (at a user level) and who are eager to learn how to develop canister smart contracts on the Internet Computer. Selected candidates will undergo a one-month training program led by our engineers to acquire the necessary skills for building applications on the Internet Computer

If you're looking to kickstart your career as a blockchain developer and want to teach other developers, this is your golden opportunity.


  • Learn to program on the Internet Computer platform (TypeScript/Python) following one month of training with our engineers.
  • Teach other developers how to program on the Internet Computer.
  • Be the public face of ICP.Hub North America at Hackathons held in your region.
  • Address inquiries and organize weekly Q&A sessions with fellow developers.
  • Provide weekly reports to the Dev Relations and Dev House teams at ICP.Hub North America.
  • Engage in our Discord channel during various developer events, including Welcome sessions, AMAs, Virtual hackathons, and other initiatives.

Helpful skills and experience

  • Being a member/student of a university, college, or blockchain club in Canada or the United States.
  • Have teaching skills.
  • Possess basic knowledge of programming languages such as TypeScript and Python.
  • Have a passion for blockchain technology.
  • Be curious and eager to learn and teach.
  • Eagerness to learn and share knowledge.
  • Self-motivated with decision-making abilities.
  • (Previous experience teaching code is a plus.)

About ICP.Hub North America:

We take pride in North America's growing significance as one of the significant contributors to the Internet Computer blockchain, encompassing Canada and the United States.

In the dynamic blockchain world, fresh organizations and initiatives continuously leave their mark on the industry. At the forefront of this transformative movement is ICP.Hub North America plays a pivotal role in the region.

Created with support from the Dfinity Foundation, our commitment to progress extends across various fronts, including developer education, project incubation, seamless migrations to the Internet Computer platform, and fostering meaningful collaborations with key players in the blockchain industry. As the landscape of blockchain technology evolves constantly, our efforts aim to fuel the growth and widespread adoption of the Internet Computer ecosystem throughout North America. Join us on this journey toward a decentralized and interconnected future!

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