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ICP Hub North America

Learn , build and earn along with the community through our Ideathons and Hackathons. Get Developer Grants upto 100000$



Ongoing and Upcoming

LIVE AI 1 Ideathon : Themes (AI , Web3 & Blockchain Technology)

Feb 17 & March 2-3

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What you get out of Hackathons and Ideathons

Expand your professional connections and opportunities through meaningful interactions with fellow participants and mentors during hackathons and ideathons.
Team Building
Foster teamwork and collaboration by working on innovative projects, enhancing communication and problem-solving skills among team members.
Industry Partnerships
Form valuable partnerships with reputable companies and institutions, leveraging these connections to bring credibility to your hackathons and ideathons.
Innovative Technology
Incorporate cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality or virtual reality, elevating the overall experience and creativity in hackathon and ideathon projects.
Responsive Dev Support
Ensure exceptional customer support and assistance for participants, addressing their queries and concerns promptly throughout the hackathon or ideathon.
Analytics and Insights about your Products
Provide detailed progress tracking and insightful analytics, empowering participants to make informed decisions based on data during and after the hackathons and ideathons.